Aki Taira

Evanston, Illinois, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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About Aki

My application, Picture Manual can quickly create visualized procedures and issue reports, and accumulate useful knowledge for your team to improve your business operation and save potential cost by preventing future issues.

I have been doing a specific manufacturing or engineering consulting service specialized for automating engineering knowledge processes such as automobile parts design process and tooling cost estimating process.

During my consulting experience, I found that most of the organization can’t organize their useful knowledge and share it to persons who need the information when needed even if most of the knowledge are very simple.

So, I developed my own cloud base application named Picture Manual.

Usage Case 1
Currently there are in-house machine maintenance documents in factories or laboratories. But those would be left vague and no longer updated.
First, easily create instructions and keep them up to date without complex system operation. Everyone can do it. Second, find instruction quickly because all instruction is stored in cloud-server. Clients could save the time and quality of maintenance procedure or troubleshooting for equipment in factories and laboratories.

Usage Case 2:
Issues and problems happen everyday in factory. But managers couldn't recognize all of issues in real time.
If someone finds flaw in a factory, just take picture and create one page manual on Picture Manual. By just doing it, everyone including manager can recognize every trouble or flaw through the web or app. Then, someone fixes the flaw. At the same time, take photos of how the person fixed it and add the procedure to the created one page manual on Picture Manual. This could be the know-how that every team member needs to learn.

I would like to find co-founder who can expand this business with me.


Kellogg Graduate School of Management


2008 - 2008