Akinduro Rotimi

Lagos, Nigeria

Cofounder & CEO | Seeking a CTO
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About Akinduro

I am Akinduro Rotimi, I have the vision to be an entrepreneur to reckon with in the world. I'm a firm believer in an AFRICA THAT WORKS. My continent has what it takes to be a great continent in the world. Thus yet, however, the continent is fraught with huge challenges. But where challenges abound lies many opportunities. Ability to face and fix these challenges will not only make anyone who does build a great enterprise for himself but will enable him to create a lasting impact on the continent and the world he lives.

This is a challenge I have decided to take on with my new startup -YSpace. We seek to be a tech giant of Africa helping to build solutions that solve Africans' pain point.

I am therefore seeking individuals of like-minds (as Co-founder (CTO) or Director of Products) who can join in this vision of not just building an enterprise, but change Africa for good through same.

I have a background in ICT and extensive experience working in marketing, sales, journalism and business development roles. Before YSpace, I founded LightWay Media Ltd (trading as PetaSales, a company I currently lead)

Can I walk this Island with you? Let's talk.


Success is not about material wealth, it's about positive impact on humanity - Akinduro