Akintunde Maiyegun

San Francisco, California, US

CEO and Co-Founder at BigWolf. Consultant & Advisor to Startups.

About Akintunde

- Experienced Product Leader & Engineer/Architect & User-Acquirer.
- Led Design for Former #1 App in Apple App Store | Built Apps Featured by App in Category
- Led Design for App that became "Rookie of The Year" at CES 2013. Former winners were Apple's Siri, Foursquare and Amazon Kindle.
- Led Front End Projects for Finance / Investment Industry
- Built 90% of Apple's Red Campaign Assets December 2014.
- Have built technology for Venture Backed Startups. Experience with "at scale" products processing lots of $$.

Work Experience

Co Founder & Advisor


January 2015 - December 2016