Akuwa Derick

South Saint Paul, Minnesota, US

sales and Marketing executive at Cradle Sports Ltd,Founder GoFree Uganda and Manager Flock of Birds
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About Akuwa

I am a sales and Marketing executive at Cradle Sports Ltd, a social sports business that believes in a healthy, active and physically literate society where children and youth grow up to enjoy high quality lives, free from ‘lifestyle’ diseases. I am a Multiple times Uganda Hockey Player of the Year personality that has won a number of individual accolades for my sporting excellence and dedication to the sporting world.
I am the Founder of GoFree Uganda Bicycle Tours and Hires a recreational Tour company creating jobs and work opportunities for the marginalized youth in the Ugandan society. Part time i work as Project/shop manager for Flock of Bird,s a Dutch social enterprise empowering and impacting lives of Ugandan Youth and Artisans through innovative and inclusive art projects and collaborations.
I am a hardworking, ambitious, open minded, happy, generous, enthusiastic,sporty, focused, positive minded person that stands for principles and values. Continuously growing and easily adopting to changes around and beyond me are things that also characterizes me.
Be who you are for that is who you will be remembered for, Not the Impostor! Faith, Hope and Love.
Akuwa Derick


Living to inspire and i aspire to inspire,Faith,Hope and Love Lead the way - Derick