Alan deLespinasse

Somerville, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Alan

I've been working on one main project and a few side projects, but I'm open to other ideas that catch my interest. It would be great to meet a kindred spirit or two (business people and/or technical), brainstorm up an idea that we all love, and turn it into a company.

The main idea I've been working on: - I want to rebuild this UI in three dimensions using augmented reality (or VR for now, since AR hardware is still terrible). In the process I may end up reinventing how VR/AR applications are built. For now I'm looking at WebVR and A-Frame.

Other ideas: A better commenting system (; a philosophical social network and matchmaking service; a tool for avoiding procrastination (which I prototyped and launched, but no one is using it besides me); and this:

I have a lot of diverse software engineering skills. Recently I've been focusing on in-browser development, but I've done datacenter-scale programming in C++, audio signal processing, high-performance video processing, games and graphics, data analysis, machine learning for natural language, a bit of Android, and I can't even remember what else. I can lead a team of developers.

I have lots of ideas and usually strong opinions about product directions.

My background includes working at the Media Lab as an MIT undergrad, a startup (as an early employee, not a founder) that did audio watermarking, and five years at Google.

I'm a pretty serious musician (cello, drums, and composing). I'm also into photography, woodworking, and acrobatics.



MEng and SB in EECS

1990 - 1995