Alankar Urankar

Mumbai, India

There is no great genius w/o a mixture of madness!
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Solving business challenges for my clients has always been my passion – and I do it sincerely.

In my professional career I was always intrigued by 2 things while working with global clients;

1. Digital transformation was taking on critical importance for organisations facing new challenges as digital technologies reshaped the business environment. It seemed like having an effective digital transformation strategy is key for firms to leverage innovations to boost their competitiveness.

2. The Human Capital and understanding their character strengths --- that truly makes them the best fit in the organisation or team and how they can experience happiness as a result of doing what they really love to do.

And something amazing happened... Firstly, after 21+ years of international sales & relationship management experience with some of the biggest and best IT companies, I decided to become a core team member at Eureka Mobile Advertising Ltd., and as part of my role as Country Head (India) I am responsible for the business and growth of the company in this region. Additionally, I oversee the firms Technology Strategy. We are a permissions based live engagement platform on-the-go that leverages the idle screen of the mobile device to send unmissable rich-media content and video. It can be sent to to the relevant target audience that can be timed for Brands to engage with their Consumers, Intermediaries and Employees leveraging Eureka’s proprietary technology and analytics engine. The company's platform has capability to operate in 3 dimensions B2B, B2B2C and future roadmap aims to serve B2C.

Secondly, in advisory capacity as a Strategy Consultant I am involved with this very unique startup gr8synergy OCS LLP that provides scientifically proven methods that helps individuals & teams right from the age of 8-year olds to Adults and help them identify their signature strengths to realise their true potential and in the process experience happiness. The company brings two international brands VIA ( & ASA ( exclusive to India with Executive Coaching, Online Training & Classroom Courses for Schools, Corporates & Individuals.


Take it easy. Make it easy. - Alankar

Work Experience

Country Head & Core Team Member

Eureka Mobile Advtertising Ltd.

May 2016 - Today

As a core team member I am responsible for the Business, Growth and Overall Technology Strategy for the company's mobile platform.