Alanna Fero

Vancouver, Canada

Alanna's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Alanna

Have face-to-face community, face-to-face events and face-to-face educational products all happening and in the black. It's time for their scalable online counterparts to be built: (1) an online community site using Onsite, Lithium or other recommended platform; (2) webinars, Google Hangouts and Youtube channel; (3) online courses which mix video, audio and text. I've got 20 years of content-building experience with plenty of content already usable in new media and more which could be adapted in a matter of weeks and months. Need the technical expertise to make these things come to life and haven't found contracting out small projects to be effective. I want 1-2 Co-Founders so have a team as invested as I am in making things work seamlessly and profitably, with an eye on a triple or quadruple bottom line. Values and mission first. Quality and elegant usability second. Happy passive income streams for a long time after those are satisfied. I work smart always and hard when it's necessary and am loyal to a fault. If you can say the same and have the web development, video and lead page/SEO experience needed (min 5 years), let's have a conversation.