Albert Liang

Weehawken, New Jersey, US

Founder of RUIn Gaming
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Product Management

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First time founder

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About Albert

I've designed a site dedicated to scheduling time to play video games with other people. Being a busy guy who used to have more time to play video games, it can be a challenge to find other friends/regulars who are available at same time and have the same games/platforms. My goal is to build a site that can track all your gaming profiles and present times/games/people for you to play with. Eventually, I'd want it to become a nexus that people visit and build a community out of. I truly believe this product has a chance to change the entire gaming industry
for the better.

So a bit about me... I'm a .NET software architect (full stack MS) who's managed a number of teams. I left my job to pursue this startup idea I've had kicking around for a while. I've developed the site using the MEAN stack and am looking for others to help grow this business. That means I'm looking for business developers, marketers, designers and developers to help take my MVP to the next level. Hopefully this idea appeals to you and you'd like to find out more.


Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

BS Computer Science

1999 - 1999