Alberto Mihelcic - Bazzana


Finance, Operations, Product Management

New York, New York, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

Age Group


About Alberto

Flexible, resilient and passionate leader with strong finance background, proven ability to drive change and seek simple solutions to complex problems:
- Wharton Executive MBA
- Distill and manage profitability through modeling, analysis for financial impact, and organizational restructuring
- Exceptional analytical insight and financial modeling savvy, leading investments across multiple jurisdictions
- International experience and track record of early-career promotions and delivery of significant value.
- Selected (~400/year out of 230,000) for 5 years of GE foremost management development programs (FMP and CAS).
Specialties: Energy Financial Services | International Markets | Financial Modeling | Negotiations | M&A | Client Relations | Team Mgmt | Corporate Fin


In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Resilient & passionate about energy & education