Alberto Villalpando

Cambridge, Massachusetts, US

Alberto's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Alberto

My professional background

Mexican, 32 years old
Economist (valedictorian) alumni
Co-founder of and advisor and backer of other startups (,, in LatinAmerica
Former McKinsey consultant
Wharton MBA – Harvard MPA

What I would like to see

You have a contagious can-do attitude and proven track record programming. When you work hard, you can enter in “flow” and your work speaks for itself. You bring confidence Intelligence + humility and the need to WIN. You’re a coding rock-star. You’ll code the first architecture first, and then build a technical team around you as we grow.

Mastery and Command of your favorite modern programming language: Python, Ruby, Java,

Test-driven Development Pluses: Experience writing server-side APIs, as well as familiarity with backend as a service (parse) Love of Python Facebook graph API Pointers to other apps you've built

What I am looking for:
Co-Founder / CTO and chief architect at up and coming social ticketing platform focusing on Latin-America (Mexico)

I am building to help people buy and sell their tickets and escape the tyranny of street scalpers and the monopoly of ticketmaster

What's in it for you:
A worthy challenge, opportunity to disrupt an entire market, Equity, Tequila and a great window to other projects


The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

MBA Finance

2010 - 2010


Economics & Government

2011 - 2011

Co-working Space

Harvard Innovation Lab

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