Albie Heigers

Pretoria, South Africa

Albie's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Albie

From profile: "With a career in very challenging business environments, AIbie was involved in and led change, improvement, and turnaround projects at senior management, executive and CEO level in a number of industries including food, clothing, textile, agriculture and private education. As entrepreneur he owned 3 fitness centres and founded Craft Creative Agency – a Business Improvement and Innovation Company based (loosely) on IDOE."
I would however prefer to be involved in a business that is not based on consultancy only, i.e. one started by someone else - who can do with the skills I can contribute. My objective is to become part of the ownership of a very successful medium-sized company - one I help grow. A company based on integrity and a high performance team - that I am prepared to lead if at all possible


University of Stellenbosch Business School


1990 - 1990