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Aldrin Leal


Rio de Janeiro, , Brazil


About Aldrin

I work remotely with either Cloud and Big Data Consulting across the world. I'm looking for people with great ideas (+ market knowledge) so I could wrap up my team of trained monkeys and implement the vision. I can come up with the IT side, having from Assistants to other Engineers reachable on my payroll. I can, once launched, make ends meed to find seed funding with other connections.

Ideal partner is someone with a great vision (and able to convince me), and experienced in both market and sales to help make ends meet.

The ideal startup is lightweight (more on a "Muse" side), and as such, it should be looked as a mutual exercise. I prefer people with a pragmatic approach to problems.



MBA, Consulting

2009 - 2009


Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop

Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop