Alec Meikle

New York, New York, US

Alec's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Alec

Founder of MYMUSAIC INC which is a social platform that uses its proprietary technology to merge photos and music.

With its intuitive software, MYMUSAIC forms the perfect marriage between these elements by integrating them to create a narrative format. Users can capture experiences with quick paced movies using photos set to the beat of their favorite music. While video is innately more personal, it requires more thought and is harder to produce, also harder to consume. MYMUSAIC takes advantage of the static nature of photographs to automate the editing process, an impossibility with video as deciding what parts must be trimmed is too subjective. By using photos as a medium and (short video clips too) syncing them with the music, this new form of story telling is as simple as snapping pics and picking a song. Advancements in mobile technology and processing performance allow for this storyboard format to go beyond meeting ease of creation and consumption standards while also providing a solution for the increased need to for photo organization that’s been created with these advancements.

Event Feature - Enables collaborative content creation and provides a solution for pooling quality content related to a certain theme or event to capture it more effectively, from multiple vantage points. This feature can be utilized both privately (within friend network) and publicly in different ways.