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New York, New York, US

Making the Stock Market easy
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I've noticed a big problem: the way we promote and teach the stock market is completely wrong. There is a large disparity between those that do understand these complicated terms and topics, and those that understand nothing.

Yet the tools available for students to pick up these concepts are too complex and unengaging:

-Simulation games provide users with $100,000 in fake money but fail to provide users with any direction.

-Curriculums are boring and fail to allow students to apply concepts learned.

To solve this problem, I'm creating currently a mobile game that makes learning about investing fun and exciting by using media content and gamification techniques.

I'm looking for a technical cofounder and lead developer to head the development of the web and mobile platforms for the company. Currently, we have yet to receive any funding, and this position will be offered for the company’s to-be-shares.

Currently, the development for the functional MVP is being outsourced by a respectable developer. We are located in New York and from the very start are targeting New York educational institutions.

The team currently consists of me (CEO), a content strategist and a few content writers.

My email is animaroff[at]gmail[dot]com.

Get in touch with me if you think you could be a good fit!


The technical co-founder's role will be:

-to build and improve the site and the mobile apps

-to oversee and manage the technical team

-research new innovations


-set the mission, vision and goals for the company


"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. Its what you know for sure that just ain't so" - Mark Twain