Alejandro Nagy

San Jose, California, US

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I'm a Senior Software Engineer with +10 years of experience in the software industry. I'm interested in starting a game development studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina (where I live) and I'm looking for a co-founder in the US to attend to expo's, meet with potential clients and help me get projects. I have the connections required to create a SE team extremely fast, and could get Art experts as well (Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Sound, etc). The idea is to offer outsourcing services to companies in the gaming industry. Buenos Aires is not the cheapest location, but the timezone proximity, cultural understanding and quality of work compensate for the difference in price. There is one big player locally only, Globant, who could only get two projects from Electronic Arts in the last three to four years (I was involved in UFC 2 for EA as a Globant Contractor) so I know companies are aware of the local talent, but the business model for Globant isn't flexible enough to accomodate the Gaming Industry (it's a Software Factory with the classic overpriced resource selling model, adverticing Seniors and delivering Juniors). I woud like us to create a company tailored specifically for the Gaming Industry, selling Staff Augmentation in a favorable exchange rate, with high quality and skilled workers.
If you're interested in discussing this further you can contact me at or ale.nagy in Skype.


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