Aleksandr Vinogradov

New York, New York, US

Aleksandr's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Aleksandr

Having a big passion for the industry of modeling and being fascinated by the beauty of people I have worked as a model scout / scouting director for 5 years with an international scouting network called STAR SYSTEM. As a very curious and hard working person I have developed and acquired many business and tech related skills and knowledge. During past years dived deeper into tech. Understanding how much we have advanced i set a goal to bring technology to industries that are very manual such as scouting. I am here to team with a technically advanced person. To be more specific then facial recognition, pattern matching, computer vision. My inspiration and ambition is to build Face feature recognition search engine for social network which sorts images according to the facial properties. Scouting takes a lot of time. As a solution i understood that we can take advantage of existing model database and use computer vision and pattern recognition to find young undiscovered faces with significantly increased scouting speed. This will open a lot of opurtunaties to young beautiful talented models who are not yet discovered!