Alex Arnold

Manchester, United Kingdom

Alex's Skills
Product Management

About Alex

I'm an ideas and product person who has always been interested in business. I have 4 years of social media marketing experience. My biggest marketing achievement was during University where in less than a year I created a networks of over 45k students in Manchester on £0. I am now working on a start up in the social media industry.

Ello Uni is the LinkedIn for Higher Education.

Ello Uni is the first Higher Education social networking tool, a platform which is designed to increase student engagement, facilitate student everyday life and build a single community for students, societies, faculties and University departments. Ello Uni acts as an all-encompassing platform which strategically displays sub-services for the specific eased satisfaction of the student community. Simply - it's an all in one student only social network which has specific sub features which are used to address the student demand and issues which only occur during the University experience.

The company has secured it's first investment and is also in talks with a huge potential higher education partner.

I am looking for 2 Co-Founders who are passionate about the product and can dedicate full time to the project. 1 Tech Co-Founder (CTO) and 1 Business Management person (COO). I'm looking for a CTO that's a creative thinker, can work independently, as well as. a leader who can manage own future team. I'm looking for a COO who understands business in and out, extremely organised, can manage and work alongside people and speak to clients/ help make sales.

Contact me: alexarnold2[at]