Alex Balogun

Cotonou, Benin

Founder and CEO, Motivational speaker, Leadership trainer, Business consultant, author
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Alex Balogun is a Public Speaker, Author, Business Consultant, Social Entrepreneur and Film Director. He is committed to personal and business development, youth empowerment, leadership training and mentoring. A Republic of Benin based nation builder: he is bilingual, proficient in English and French. He organizes national conferences to empower and transform students, professionals and directors of national and multinational organizations.
He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of VIP World (Vision Information People) – an organization promoting personal development, leadership development and entrepreneurship, with the vision to raise exceptional leaders and create a new Africa before 2030.
An alumnus of the President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) West Africa; and a recipient of several national and international awards, such as: Rise Up Nigeria Initiative 2016 – an award of recognition for inspiring and influencing young Nigerians in Diaspora; The Orange Gala and Awards (TOGA) 2015 – recognized for excellence in societal impact; Green Awards 2013 – awarded as the Young Icon of the year 2013 in Republic of Benin; Film Festival Morocco 2012 – a Jury special award.


It takes vision to possess nations - Alex BALOGUN

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