Alex Calder

St. Louis, Missouri, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

About Alex

Hey everybody.

I spent the past 20 years in Los Angeles as a TV news helicopter reporter.  I've covered almost every major story in L.A. during that time, and won 6 Emmy Awards.  I'm proud of the work that I have done, however...

In mid-2014, I decided that I couldn't ignore the entrepreneurial urgings in me, so I quit my job and relocated (home) to St. Louis, MO, a town with an expanding tech ecosystem and a low cost of living that make it an easy choice.  And honestly, it's a great little town.

So, here's why I'm here.  I am constantly coming up with ideas for how to do things better.  Examples?  Every time something doesn't work the way I want, or there's a shortage of ways to get a particular task or query done, I always have an idea about how to do it better.  Recently, I started writing all of these ideas down.  A few of the ideas are niche, but several more are, in my belief, big game changers with worldwide appeal.  It's fair to say that all of them are ideas that I hope to use one day.

I will add that most of my ideas revolve around web/smartphone apps that uses relational databases.

Initially, when I moved out here, my goal was to bone up on the typical current technologies - Rails, Python, Java, HTML5, etc.  But now I'm thinking that I'd rather see these ideas get into the pipeline now.  I'm halfway through a Rails course, and I can already see how programming in perl has become quite antiquated.

My communications skills gained as a major market reporter will definitely come in useful when it comes to promotion the business(es) and pitching them to investors.

I'm excited to start meeting some developers, presenting my ideas, and ideally, finding somebody who really loves the ideas and would love to partner up on some of them.  I've already have some connections to some big money players in this town through some great connections.  I just need some MVP's to get the process started.

The first project I'm hoping to get going is a cloud-based time & task manager that redefines how people handle their time and get things done.  It's awesome.  It replaces Microsoft Outlook, essentially by doing everything right that I think Outlook does wrong.

I look forward to talking with you.