Alex Daly

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

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The problem:
People who want to influence others need to find statistics to help them make their case. Finding a trustworthy statistic that is relevant however is time consuming and often you may leave empty handed and settle for a rather unrelated statistic.

I want your help building a platform that aggregates all publicly available statistics into a single SAAS product that allows these to be easily searched, filtered, added to dashboards, presented in carousel, and enterprise access to subsets of our data.

I have a working prototype (rails/postgres) of this covering all BEA and BLS data, representing some 450M datapoints. Operating at this scale required partitioning our values by indicator. A key challenge of this and a value we are providing is a mapping of many different ways of defining industries and geographies and occupations. Our approach here is to be rather forgiving in assigning mappings, treating them less as technical definitions and more as attributes for filtering and relationships.

The immediate next steps necessary are a refinement of the design, the expansion of our datasets to more sources, integration of payment processing.