Alex Gilmore

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Alex's Skills
Product Management

About Alex

Ruzzit is a tool that can predict viral content (such as images, videos and blogs) before they go viral.

In 2015 we launched Ruzzit Beta through Product Hunt, which got over 600 upvotes and most upvoted product of the day. It was only an MVP to discover if people were interested in a single location to consume viral content. After a few months and over 35k unique visitors (with a 40% return rate) we could see people wanted to use such a tool.

But how could we make this even better?

Well, what if users could be sure that they were the first to find that content, before any of their friends? Or what about agencies or publishers who would love to know what is about to go viral in order to direct users to their own report of the viral content?

This is what Ruzzit is all about, and we believe that it will become an essential tool for agencies that need to be first to know what the content is going viral.

We're looking for a front end developer who can join the team and build a responsive and fast feed that thousands of users will use to consume their daily dose of viral content and there is much more potential we could talk about developing this further.

Look forward to speaking with you!