Alex Gostomelsky

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Alex's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Alex

I am CEO of, a news aggregation site sourcing from Twitter. We currently have a working prototype and actively looking for funding and additional technical team members.

Our new technical partners will assist our CTO - we are looking for someone particularly experienced in Twitter API, as well as PHP, Python, SQL, jQuery, etc. We are working hard to improve UI functionality, data optimization, and server capabilities and would love someone innovative and passionate about our vision to join the team!

A little about me: Professionally, I worked on Wall Street and in Consulting for several years, but am now focused on developing Nopical. As the CEO, my efforts are focused around business development, marketing, and running the business. The site is gaining steam quickly, please reach out if you are interested in joining the team, investing or just connecting to kick tires about innovative solutions!


The George Washington University


2010 - 2010