Alex Hawkins

Portage, Indiana, US

I am currently an elementary educator who has developed a new way to educate but I need a partner.
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My name is Alex C. Hawkins. I went to college to become a teacher but upon graduation, I opted not to use my college degree. Instead, I became an insurance agent. After qualifying for convention, I was promoted to sales manager. It was this promotion that brought me back to education. A school counselor called me (because the previous manager for years had attended career day) inviting me to career day. I agreed to attend and upon my visit realized what I was called to do. Within six months of that school visit, I was in the classroom as a teacher. That was in 2005. Since then, I have been in the classroom. It was during my time teaching kindergarten that I began to develop a unique and effective way of teaching (through music). While I had an idea I did not know how I would go about executing my plan. I obtained a Master's Degree in a field that helped me improve upon my idea. After finishing my Master's, I enrolled in a doctoral program. In my last doctoral class my idea was more concrete, and I knew I was ready to begin working toward my dream. Because I had worked so hard on my doctoral studies I decided to finish my prospectus which was approved. I decided to take time off from my doctoral studies and devote the majority of my time outside of the classroom developing my program.

In a nutshell I am an educator, who is passionate about teaching. My passion has led me to start a program that focuses on reading foundations. My program is like no other and will captivate a strong following. That is a guarantee.

I am a firm believer that balance is important. I was raised by parents who gave me balance simply by being who they are. My father was raised by working-class parents who preached "get your education". My father did just that. He became a lawyer and is currently a judge. And my father's message to me was similar to his parents' message to him. On the other hand, my mother was raised distinctly different from my father. My grandfather was an independent music producer and had three different artists on the billboard charts at one time. My grandfather was a producer, and songwriter. No college education but instead made a living based upon his talent. The message I received from my mother, do what you love to do but find a way to get paid to do it.

So where does that leave me? The message from both of my parents is a message that applies to everyone today: Do what you love to do but find a way to get paid to do it, which is synonymous with follow your dreams AND get your education which is synonymous for have a back-up plan.

This balance has led me to seek a partner to help with organization, the business-side of the company, while I focus on product development. Will you complete me?


Do things as if you are doing it for the Lord - Bible

Work Experience


Charter School of the Dunes

August 2007 - Today

During this time I taught kindergarten (7 yrs.), first grade (2 yrs), third grade (1 yr.)


Gary Lighthouse Charter School

July 2005 - June 2007

I taught in a loop. The 05-06 school year I taught 3rd grade, and in the 06-07 school year I taught 4th grade (the majority of the students I taught two years in a row)

Sales Representative

Western Southern Financial Group

May 2003 - June 2005

I was a sales representative for account 26. I prospected for possible clients, as well as serviced clients.

Sales Representative

American Income Life

August 2002 - May 2003

Prospected for as well as serviced clients.


Manchester University

Bachelor's of Science

1997 - 2002

Ashford University

Master's Educational Technology

2009 - 2011

Grand Canyon University


2011 - 2014

Calumet College of St. Joseph's


2007 - 2009