Alex Jay Gilbert, MBA

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Alex Jay's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Alex Jay

I am an entrepreneur who has taken my background in corporate strategy and love for video gaming to my startup, Red Queen. Red Queen empowers gamers to experience their favorite games in new ways by facilitating the creation of gamer tools. Currently, the video game landscape has high barriers to entry for anyone who wishes to make tools; however, Red Queen is bridging the gap which will allow game developers, players, and toolmakers to have access to everything they need to create a rich environment of gamer tools.

We are currently looking for a Chief Technology Officer to begin the prototype of the product. As we gain funding we will develop a team which will be responsible for building the whole platform. We are currently in an accelerator which has a demo day on April 27th, at which point we will presenting to ~100 investors who are looking to invest. Throughout the accelerator we will be working towards gaining traction and developing a prototype.