Alex Jourik

San Francisco, California, US

Alex's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Alex

I am creating a huge worldwide company at Travel & Hospipality industry 
And I want to build strong worldwide team to do this   
I am looking for strong co-founders from all countries with good network and experience at Hotels & Travel industry, Investments, Sales, Business Development, Marketing and Design 
Our startup is 
Our expected revenue is $3.5B ($3 500 000 000) per year after 5 years from the start. And $12 - $15mln in the first year if all professional team will work properly 

Now we are team of 3 people + 12 hired employees 
I am investor and founder. I am from Russia, but last year I am traveling around world to find business partners to set up sales 
My background: I founded and invested 2 local companies in Russia (Food plant (600 employees) and Advertisement agency (70 employees)). Then I successfully sold these companies. 
Another people are from Russia, Europe, Turkey, China, India and US 
We are not working at one office, we communicate each other every day by Skype
Of course when we will start to earn good money, we will open main office (not sure in what country but not in Russia) and local offices in each country

We have created the first most flexible and advanced platform for the Hotels and Travel agencies to sell its additional services to their guests during their staying at hotel 
Also Hotel-Face is an efficient communication platform between guests and any hotel services
Using app Hotel-Face, allows hotels to instantly increase the revenue from the sale of additional hotel services in 35 times !!
Our platform can work in all possible languages, so no geographic limitations

Presentation to understand what we created

Now we have a working first stage of CRM, Android and IOS versions and we are creating next and next steps every day 

We are looking for passionate co-founders, who will ask all details and learn about our platform, understand idea, agree with us that this platform is future for all hotels and travel industry and will join our team to do their job like co-founders not for salary but for company shares and future big money and success 

Now I want to team up with cofounders :
-investment manager
-marketing & social media manager
-product manager
-sales professional
-pr professsional
-video designer

I don't need any money from cofounders, just experience, hard work to get success, passion and commitment

If you are one of them, feel free to connect with me at any time 

Alex Jourik
+7.903.790.11.01 (WhatsApp, Viber)
 skype: alex.jourik




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