Alex Jourik

London, United Kingdom

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Alex

We are investing in partnership up to $150 000
We are looking for the partners for this project Worldwide
We have a partnership with Russian oil company Gazprom
We have a goal to open 5000 car service stations worldwide to the end of 2018
Now we have 120 stations
It is multibrand stations, so we can repair any car brand

It is a totally new model of the car service stations at the market:
-very cheap
-very very fast
-very high quality
-very high customer service
-some new features for the customers (all information at customer app online, online reservations, online payment, and a lot more... )
-5 year guarantee
-very strong operation algorithms
-very deep automatization
-and a lot more....

For example (our price/speed) in Europe
-manual full car wash - $3 / 7 minutes
-change oil, oil filter, air filter, salon filter (with spare parts and oil) - $40 / 7 minutes
-change front brake pads - $10 / 4 minutes

Day by day, we are preparing new algorithms to make the best optimization of all operations and marketing algorithms

We make partnership in a different flexable ways
-station which working now (with staff and equipment)
-station which not working now, but have equipment
-station which not working now, no equipment, but have a good potential location
(all stations should have all legal documents for all services and building)

It could be different types of stations, from a small size (300 sq.m.) to a big size (10 000 sq.m.)

We are investing $50 000 to each station at the start to make outside branding (facade), equipment and marketing
Then we will invest up to $150 000 to each station

Station will be operated under our brand G-Energy service
And use our oil and lubricants - G-Energy

According to the partnership, our company will get 20-80% of shares at each car station (depends of many parameters)

We are looking for the partners who will:
-find such stations in different countries
-learn our algorithms
-hire staff
-manage all operations before start
-start to operate stations
-and a lot more management operations...

Our efficiency:
For example, usualy, owner of 500 sq.m. station, get $20 000 profit each month
With our algorithms and operational model, that station will get $120 000 profit each month

Your side:
-make good research
-prepare list of stations with all details
-send us this list
-establish new company for that business
-hire staff
-prepare marketing channels
-adapt station to our new format
-control all operations before start
-open first station
-open minimum 2 new stations each month
-manage all stations

Our side:
-choose 1 best station from the list for the start
-invest first $50 000
-teach you about our IT platform (CRM, ERP, HRM, Loyalty system, Referral system)
-teach you about our strategy and algorithms (operations and management)
-teach people (managers and staff)
-operate each station

Tons of work
No salary, only % from the profit, but huge money
With our model, it is normal for 1 station with 500 sq.m. to get $120 000 profit each month
If we will agree and you will manage all main operations, your share is 40% from our company profit

For example:
-1 station generates $50 000 profit per month
-our company/owner station shares - 40%/60%
-in that case our company profit is $20 000
-your share in our company 40% - $8 000 profit
-you have 50 stations under your management
-it is your $400 000 profit per month

Only strong partners with high communication skills and business experience