Alex Konov

Toronto, Canada

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Product Management

About Alex

This is what we are building - - touch-less password-less login app / bitcoin wallet / tipping platform, - bitcoin news aggregator, - earn bitcoins by answering tech questions. And secret "Project X" which may have the biggest impact of all. All projects would cross-promote each other and related to bitcoin microtransactions / online tips

BIG IDEA – is there a new economy?

The big idea is that there might be a “new economy” brewing on the interwebs
that would “gamify” and encourage a “global competition” of users in the new game of “online tipping” – an experience of sending micropayments to REWARD other users / publishers / developers / creators / artists for being HELPFUL, FUNNY or INSPIRING, unlocking things like “tips-driven marketing” and new economy / revenue streams. Even things like “pay 0 or what you like” for trusted digitally signed (with QRID identity) software downloads. A lot of industries could be “reinvented” with the engaged “bitcoin tipping” userbase. We want to test it on a global scale in the most promising niches. If this works, it would become a ROCKET SHIP with 100's of millions of users. DO NOT MISS THE ROCKET SHIP!

============,, "Project X" - are technically solved problems, so someone else could lead the execution and I would be able to focus on QRID which is still in development (with working demo). I've got a remote team of 5 developers in Ukraine. - targets a niche where current leader receives 35 million unique users / DAY (!)
"Project X" - targets a niche where current leader is used on 3 million websites, billions of page views / month

I need a cofounder / PRODUCT MANAGER for BitExpers and "Project X" who could work with me and Ukrainian team directly. I need someone willing to do the following:
- take a leadership role in launching and growing BitExpers and "Project X" (I will help with all the fine details, I just need to delegate, so I need You to step in)
- make sure User Experience (UX) is done right
- work on the product launches. Things like Press Releases, working with media / journalists, supervising content-building team for BitExperts, promoting our products on Reddit, Bitcoin forums, maybe other media / social media.
- listen to users feedback, create new screen mocks (in MS Visio, or even hand-drawn would work :)
- communicate to the Ukrainian team (in English)
- perform testing of new features (QA), file bugs in JIRA online bug tracker

If you are excited about what we are doing and feel like You could contribute your full-time effort to make it work, then JOIN THE ROCKET SHIP! My Skype is specified in my profile here, and my contact info is listed at and landing pages.

Looking forward to get to know You!
Alex Konovalov