Alex Martelli

San Francisco, California, US

Alex's Skills
Product Management

About Alex

I’m a Product Manager who has a passion for getting into user’s heads. At UC Berkeley I studied Cognitive Science. This is the interdisciplinary study of the mind and intelligence (artificial as well as natural). It introduced me to Computer Science, but mainly it help me understand how people think.

Since then, I have been passionate about the applications and technology we use every day. I see these tools as an extension of our own natural intelligence. I love being involved in creating these tools and extending our intelligence ever further.

My background came from the scientific perspective, so I have been heavily involved in research and analytics since early on in my career. I started out doing hands-on research in user experience lab, then collecting marketing data on the streets. As a Product Manager, I work with analytics every day. I make sure all the decisions I make about how to build the product are supported by the numbers.

I am also a creator at heart. Right out of college I co-founded a startup. I did much of the design and front-end web development of the application we created. Since then, I have been focused on making great products that really work. I have had to work without a designer, so I received training and do much of the user experience designing myself. I use my understanding of the human mind constantly in design work. It helps me create simple-to-understand user interfaces that work great for the end user. At Mindjet, my designs streamlined parts of our interface and doubled the web app’s sharing rate (a key product indicator).