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London, United Kingdom

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Product Management

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I've worked in a few start-ups including two of my own ventures (a kitchenware distribution business and a mental health app) and being a founding member of a London-based investment fund. Thanks to having worked in the venture arena, I have built a broad skillset including business development, corporate finance, backend development (python) and data analysis.

I recently worked for a large UK bank where (as a product manager) I helped build a successful customer insight product. After realizing the wider market potential of what I was building, I left the company in August to build a viable product that can be used more widely in the finance sector. I'm looking for an ambitious and technical co-founder to help me built out an MVP. I'm currently speaking with a potential cornerstone client with which we could test the product in Q1/Q2 next year.

There's a lot of opportunity in this space so I'm open to other ideas. Please reach out!


Why lay traps for the fox, when there are dragons to be caught - Li Po

Work Experience

Product manager


June 2018 - August 2019


Mental health startup

June 2017 - December 2017


ESF Capital

June 2015 - November 2016


Herax Partners

February 2013 - June 2014


Lancaster University


2009 - 2012