Alex Paisley

Calgary, Canada

Alex's Skills
Product Management

About Alex

I am passionate about marketing and design! Marketing and design however is so often overlooked when a new startup is developed. The reality of what it takes and the challenges faced to bring a project to the target market can be intimidating. I currently work in the digital marketing industry with both sales and marketing experience. I understand the online digital space and how important design/brand is to making your product standout in all the noise.

I have an idea that I am currently working on within the travel industry, which I have a rare opportunity to grow. I have started working on the design of the concept, however I need someone with technical abilities to bring it to life. This is a fun passion project with the potential to generate large revenue due to its scalability.

I am open to joining other projects, and am always open to meeting for a coffee to hear about projects and offer advice where
needed. Don't be afraid to reach out!