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About Alex

If you are looking for software engineer who can build your startup from greenfield, raise a team and structure the architecture, I'm happy to help you.

Here are few words about me and our company:

My name is Alex Shkor, I'm CTO in I have 8+ years experience of commercial software development and even more in programming. My main expertise is startup development (both from tech and business sides), team leading, software architecture, distributed systems, reactive applications and of course programming (C#.NET and NodeJS). Actually all these can be applied to Paralect company as well, and to say shortly what we do "We develop successful startups with most modern technologies".

Startup Development:
The culture of startup is very special and affects much the way how development process should be organized comparing to other software development areas. In Paralect we don't work exclusively on startups, but this is what we love to do. We've done many of them already and don't want to stop.

Software Architecture:
We always were passionate about technologies and software architectures. And as result of this passion, we have gathered a lot of experience in many different trendy architectures and modern technologies. I believe that this is very important, because as more approaches you get familiar with as clearer you see that that there is no silver bullet and each task needs a right tool.

Distributed Systems:
Some software needs to be distributed by design, some needs to become distributed to survive. We mostly work with this type of software which needs to survive. Survive because one single machine can’t anymore serve growing amount of users. Survive because for business very important to guarantee best availability possible, and each server fail leads to big losses for your business. We know how to build distributed systems and have many approaches and architectures to apply to any specific case.

Reactive Applications:
At these days users become more and more exacting to a software that they use. And we can’t build anymore slow and blocking UI, because competitor can easily beat us just by providing better user experience. We use most modern techniques at this field as well to provide best user experience for end customers.



Computer Science

2013 - 2013