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Lakewood, Colorado, US

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I speak video affluently. I've fell in love with video in my early youth working at a small cable studio doing shows that were watched not big audiences but, family members. I was hooked. I wanted to learns much as I could about the technical and creative side to build my audiences. I did by taking on broadcast shows. live sporting events and local commercials with small businesses. Then because of my successes over the years I was given opportunities to open new broadcast stations in the midwest and then corporate video projects for Fortune 500 company that included award winning training, marketing an internal communications.

And now after 25 years of owning my own successful award winning video company I can see online video marketing strategies for business is a great new opening for a new start-up with the right concept.

Wow, when I was in broadcasting you had to have an audience in front of a TV to show a sponsor message to them. Now, they carry a TV screen in their pocket or desk that can be reached 24 hours a day. Ohh.. but they can be a fickle audience that has the attention span of a...... SQUIRREL!!

I think I have a new concept that will influence their buying and participation habits but, I need a Co-Founder that has the development skills that we need. I'm looking to start up a conversation with a Business Developer that has a new start up passion or a Programmer that has the skills to create a innovative social video influencer site.

What do you think? What to go on a new adventure?


Imagination is more important than knowledge. - Albert Einstein


Oklahoma State Universally

Broadcasting Multimedia

1978 - 1980