Alexander Börve

San Francisco, California, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Alexander

Alexander Börve, MD is an orthopaedic spine surgeon from the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. He originally developed the iDoc24 platform in 2009 to allow paramedics to send images of accident-scene victims with their mobile phones directly to the ER doctors, and has since pivoted the platform into the dermatology space.“iDoc24 – Skin information in any device 24/7” has won numerous prizes as a tele-health service, as well as for the fundamental research Alexander has on-going in the field of digital health, which is part of his PhD thesis. Preliminary results from his latest research show a reduced “time-to-surgery” for malignant melanoma (deadly form of skin cancer) from 46 days to 14 days (on average). Alexander is also an advisor to Health 2.0 Europe and the chapter leader of Health 2.0 Stockholm. He is currently a visiting fellow in tele-medicine at UC Berkeley. And lastly he created the STD triage app!

I am looking for a complementing Co-Founder, good on biz-dev and marketing/sales. Anyone with a passion in healthcare and experience from this arena. Preferably a woman interested in digital health