Alexander Cardona

Princeton, New Jersey, US

Alexander's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Alexander

47farms uses algorithms and geo-spatial modeling to enable commerce between buyers and suppliers of farm and food artisan products. Our platform results in accelerated speed to market for our suppliers over traditional channels, enabled access to healthier foods for our buyers and a shorter supply chain that has positive impacts on our environment.

I am looking for a co-founder that has superior financial discipline, an innate ability to sell and will work hard and smart towards realizing the vision. He / She would need to be able to eventually join full time.

The co-founder will:
- develop pricing & marketing strategies
- identify financing opportunities including capital raises
- assist with grant writing
- lead customer acquisition in specific markets such as New York City
- manage corresponding financials with superior discipline.
- contribute towards technology roadmap leveraging client feedback
- Successful start-up experience a plus
- Ability to bring investors a plus

I will continue with building our supplier network in NJ and other markets, lead our partnerships with various farmer organizations, lead sales in NJ and other states, lead capital raises and manage the technology roadmap with our existing technical team. We already have a minimum viable product with over 20 suppliers, restaurants, a school, and a foodhub in New Mexico. We are in discussions with other types of buyers in the Northeast. We have 1 committed investor but we need to attract more investors in order to get a financial round that qualifies for seed capital or a series A. Only serious candidates should apply.


SUNY Albany

MBA (Information Systems)

2000 - 2000

Co-working Space

Tigerlabs Coworking

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