Alexander de Geofroy

Rochester, New Hampshire, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

About Alexander

I am an experienced Electrical/Electromechanical Engineer who has worked at some of the biggest corporations and smallest start-ups. I am an infantry officer in the Army National Guard and have a passion for leadership and management. I hold a BSEE from UMass Amherst and I am currently working toward my MBA - also through UMass - with a focus on Entrepreneurship.

My professional engineering experience spans the entire product life cycle, from conception and prototyping to production, testing, and customer support. I have a wide variety of technical skills including mechanical and electrical hardware design, as well as a number of programming languages. I also have substantial experience managing both people and products and working directly with customers.

I recently formed my own company, Off-Piste Engineering, LLC, with the purpose of fusing two of my biggest passions: technology and the outdoors. My vision is to build a company that pushes the envelope on outdoor & adventure sports technology while striving to maintain a strong commitment to our employees and the communities in which we live and operate. I want to grow Off-Piste into a company that is both a privilege and a joy to work for.

I already have a product in the prototype phase and I have fleshed out a business plan to go with it. While I'm interested in eventually finding someone who can help with business development, right now my focus is on finding someone who can share in the technical burden of completing a prototype. The product involves both hardware and software engineering - for now I am primarily seeking someone with a strong software background, particularly with video processing experience. I am not looking specifically for Android/iPhone developers, but that experience can't hurt. And if you have all that plus some business development experience, I would love to hear from you!

I don't particularly care where you're located. One of my goals with Off-Piste is to make a company that supports remote working and collaborating online, with an emphasis on flexibility. I believe that there are many benefits in not requiring everyone to be in the same place, working the same hours, and that offering flexibility will allow us to attract the best talent possible.

Off-Piste has been funded out of my own pocket and I am currently working on my prototype in my spare time (I have a day job to pay the bills). I do not currently have the funds to pay a salary, so I'm looking for someone who is willing to work side by side with me in exchange for equity/co-ownership. The short-term goal is to complete a prototype. The mid-term goal is to secure funding in order to support full-time development and launch.

Finally, I realize I've been vague about the product itself. If you are even remotely interested in hearing more about me, my company, or my product, please contact me!


University of Massachusetts Amherst

BS Electrical Engineering

2007 - 2007

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Masters of Business Administration(MBA)

2016 - 2016