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Abilene, Texas, US

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Twenty nine feelin' fine. The end is never near. I've got a "big" idea. Another ship to steer. Right now it's just a concept, mapped out in my mind. The next big thing in content. Another business grind.

I'm a big-picture thinker. Marketer, especially copywriting. Background in persuasive stuff. I don't rhyme all the time. I can be like a mime. I'm also against crime.

More seriously...

I work really hard all week long, always moving forward. I write copy for international companies like Coca-Cola, but not Ford. I move fast, take action, and execute. I've built and failed before. I'm not afraid to spend my cash to win the business war.

• Founder of Apollyon's Favor LLC
• NLP Master Practitioner (The psych kind, not tech.)
• Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
• Enneagram Personality Profiler
• Digital Marketer & Copywriter
• Best-Selling Romance Author
• Founder of NoNovels Press LLC (Failed)

Looking for a web app developer. Someone to handle the tech side. Probably familiar with Shopify. Wants to grow fast, accelerate, and make a lot of money. You handle design / tech dev. I'll handle marketing, sales, & business. You don't have to bring cash unless you just want to.

Plan is to build an MVP and probably join an accelerator. Get investors on board and move fast into the space. That "space" is content marketing (blogging, copywriting, and other digital content) automation. If that's something that interests you, hit me up and let's see if we're a match.

Lex DeVille

P.S. Move fast. If I don't find someone soon I'll hire help instead.


Never say die! - No Idea.

Work Experience


Apollyon's Favor

January 2014 - Today

Digital Disruption Copywriting It's a copywriting company. ;)


Ashford University

Psychology Major

2014 - 2016


NLP Master Practitioner

International NLP Association

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

Sussex Hypnotherapy Centre

Enneagram Personality Profiler

Madanes School of Enneagram