alexander ivanov

New York, New York, US

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Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About alexander

That's frustrating, I spent too much time writing this and it timed out.

short version.. *I am technical

We all have ideas, I think mines are good sometimes...
Takes work, time, and collaboration to make them into products
Want to do this... and bring live FAST
Life... work, play, health, hobbies, continuing education, this that etc...
Looking for co-founder to get things done with
Need that motivation that only passing the baton over and getting it back a few steps ahead can give
co founder is an intimate relationship without the sex so will have to see if the pieces fit together

I'll be going to meet ups associated with the 200k challenge so if you will be at one lets talk or/and get beer after

Will have to come back and redo this and add my wide range of xp in starting business, sales, programming, electronics, products, scraping, automation, etc.. Lots i did not mention, "jack of all trades, master of " some?

aivano01 at students . poly . e d u


Polytechnic University of NYU

Computer Engineering

2008 - 2008