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New York, New York, US

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Our team is looking to hire a developer to own the strategy and development of our cloud based platform. The developer must have a high level understanding of data migration and data integration since our web app heavily relies on attendance data analytics. The program is written in Ruby, and it relies on Twilio for communications. We are looking for someone who is innovative, and ready to dive in to the education technology sector with us.

Kinvolved has developed a cloud-based system, offering a portfolio of tools that facilitate improved understanding of student attendance, grades, and behavior. Kinvolved’s tools connect and share student data among schools, families, and community organizations to ensure all students are on track to graduate as they move up through their K-12 years. Kinvolved’s model is based on research by The Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University, proving that attendance, behavior, course scores (the “ABCs”), and family involvement are the key predictors of graduation.

1. Attendance Module: Teachers record, instantly communicate attendance with families via SMS/email, and track attendance trends using Kinvolved’s cloud-based program (currently in beta use).
2. Grades and Behavior Forecasting Module: Attendance, course/standardized test grades, and behavior records are recorded and correlated with Common Core standards using our research-based algorithm, and graphically visualized; these data points forecast the student’s likelihood of graduation, proactively identifying at-risk students (phase 2).
3. Interventions Module: Based on trends in the ABCs identified, Kinvolved suggests interventions to help students stay on track for graduation. Interventions include programs offered by local community-based organizations, best practices crowd sourced from educators and families, and internal school and local city education-based policies for which parents can advocate to improve student achievement (phase 3).
4. Positive Incentive (Gamification) Module: Teachers can incentivize students to attend school with a module that allows teachers to track “points” that students receive for positive attendance behavior. Module will offer gamified feature set that students will have personalized access to and can compete with other students/classrooms in regards to attendance. Certificates, rewards, and school-appropriate privileges can be issued to top performing students (phase 4).


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