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I have developed (and continue developing) a pretty awesome internet service LINKFFITI which enables end-users to persistently (as long as they use the service) embed links from any arbitrary text or image on a web page to any other arbitrary text or image page with a few clicks of a mouse (finger). It's called DEEP linking I can't easily explain this service and its wide reaching implications by simply pointing to something else and saying it's easier. It is a different type of service than what's out there. It would have interesting implications for the problems of "search," "search marketing," "knowledge systems," etc...

I have also been developing cyber security tech to address true ZERO-day threats for yet another venture. I left a major U.S. DOD contractor last March to pursue this venture.

I need to partner with someone who is very much into marketing, monetizing, and who is in the IN crowd of the Angel/VC ecosystem. If you are this type of person, lets grab this beast by the tail and do something great.

I am willing to demo the prototype with a NDA/non-compete agreement in place.


One should do what one does best. - Author? No idea but it rings true.


Columbia University

BA Math + 2 years of PhD level Math/Physics

1980 - 1985