Alfredo Araujo

Nashville, Tennessee, US

Alfredo's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Alfredo

I am a mechanical engineer. I have always liked programming but never really got the chance to go at it full time. Just recently, I decided to work on it every night (I have a full time job and 2 kids). After toying with Flash I am now on Javascript. I am aware code is needed when you want to push boundaries.

I am keen on well designed products (minimalistic as the trend goes). People who have worked with me are always impressed with my infographics in Excel or cool presentations in PowerPoint so I think I know a thing or two about well designed interfaces.

I have been part of three software development teams. On all three I was part of the leadership/sposorship team and on the last one I lead the whole project though a third party developer.

I currently work as a consultant for technical sales in the mining industry and am a runner.

I have a great business idea, built all the way to a prototype/dummy. I need a technical co-founder that can help me build it. It is based on an application for retail business (small to mid-size). The sales channel is community based so the app can be set up by anyone who wants to approach the retail business. The business gets the service from us and the "setter upper" gets a commission.

I believe this has worldwide appeal and can grow pretty big if we manage to get traction with entrepreneur wannabes that just need some hands-on time to build the demos and sell.

The problem we are solving was discovered after spending many hours with a retail business owner and then investigating this industry for alternatives and trends. A selection algorithm widely used in Engineering gave me the idea to write code for the process. After a successful run in MSExcel, I jumped to an app protoype

We have already showed the prototype to a few retail business owners and they seem pretty excited about it. It is like spinning an old idea with technology to make something a lot more useful.

I believe communication is absolutely critical for a partnership and will go to great lengths to meet, spend time and assess the convenience of an eventual partnership (works both ways).