About Ali Elb

Concerning my background, after my Bachelor in Mathematics and Computer Science, i went to Barcelona to study a Master "International Business Management" (in English), it wasn't relevant to my true career (as Developer) but i learnt a lot about how to target a segment of the market and how to make some products successful ... During these 2 years abroad i level up my mastering of English and besides i learnt Spanish and Catalan, i developed a slight knowledge in SEO/SMM also. At the same time i took a Postgraduate course about "Engineering in Developing Apps for Mobile Devices" (in Spanish), it wasn't as good as expected but it made me continue my learning in Software Development Globally and Mobile Development especially.
Beside all that, i am continuously learning (i am autodidact) and i followed many courses on MOOC platforms (Coursera, Edx...).


Masters Degree

MBA in International Business Management

2013 - 2013