Alin Vlad

Bucharest, Romania

Alin's Skills

About Alin

I’m Alin Vlad, a Full Stack Marketer living in Bucharest, Romania

My extensive background in Customer Support gave me leverage in understanding the customer needs and desires. This proves to be the backbone of my marketing career.

I’m passionate about Inbound Marketing & Growth Hacking and always up to date with the latest trends – each and every one of them is curated on my social media accounts.

Being one of the first members in a startup and leading the online department, i learned firsthand the struggles of building a focused team and coordinating it to move into the right direction.

Furthermore, acquiring new users, getting them activated, making sure they are retained, optimizing monetization & flow for a sustainable business model have become my daily challenges.

And i LOVE this!

As an advocate for unselfish marketing by delivering value to your leads & customers, i try to use this principle in my daily life. I share knowledge & inspire passion to the romanian marketing community by speaking at conferences, doing workshops and other types of events.