Allan Boruck

Abbotsford, Canada

CEO Urban Planters, aspiring leader / speaker, dreamer, doer, salesman
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About Allan

I am a 35 year old Husband of 17 years and father of three 15, 12 and 10. I have participated in over 10 worlds of work influence from service to sales to management to product development to networking and truck driving. Three years ago I started a journey to achieve my potential in new ways and have taken massive steps towards that goal. I have started a business that produces over 100k ( CAD ) per year but do not have the financial knowingness to manage it. I know that I have alot to offer in the realms that I was born to but also know that I need help in other areas.

I live in Abbotsford BC Canada with my family. Seattle was the closest American city to select.

I have a clean record, have never filed for bankruptcy but have always struggled financially. This is my first startup and have excellent momentum right now and want to capitalize on it. This business is a leader in an emerging market here in North America and I can and am providing solutions that our current market does not have access to.

I was raised in a mennonite church but not through the mennonite way community. I am still an active believer in our Father in heaven but celebrate Messianic Judiasm as my faith. This means that I take part in knowing that Yeshua ( Jesus ) is the Son of God and that he was the messiah. This also means that I believe in the structure and calendar behind the jewish faith. Basically, I am a distant blooded jew that believes in Yeshua.

I was always told that God has a plan for me and that story started when I was born. If you want access to the first chapter of the book I am writing, just ask and I am happy to send it. It explains some of where I came from. This purpose belief was reinforced the first and second time I died, once when I was 2 and then again at 13. I know there there is something I have to do and I am constantly searching but until then, I am 100% focused on my potential as my goal and it is a long way in the distance right now. But I am moving towards it.


Success is my duty - Grant Cardone