Allen Byerly

San Francisco, California, US

Allen's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Allen

We are looking for someone to head up our product development and to join our team that is building an easy-to-use group benefits enrollment and administration on a secure and compliant cloud platform where we are connecting to over 90% of the health data available to empower our users and lead the future of digital health.

Genuine lover of new technology, particularly as it relates to Digital Health, Big Data, Data Security & Analytics.
Have a solid understanding of one or more of the following:
data design, models, and structures, with at least some experience of either designing or working on data models and different database technologies (bonus for experience Hadoop, Spark, & Neo4j)
user interface development, user experience, front end web design data connectivity and workflow, integration, creating/utilizing API’s (bonus for experience with JSON & XML)

Languages to know: C, Javascript, Ruby, Python. Bonus: Scala, Java, Clojure
Bonus points for knowledge or experience working with of X12, EHR & HIPAA

About GroupHub:
GroupHub enables independent benefit brokers to service their customers with a first-class online benefits platform powered by fully compliant & secure digital connections to over 300 of the nation's largest carriers that cover over 90% of the United States. Our automated enrollment engine that powers our digital platform is the first fully compliant and secure system with connections to all major carriers and personal data sources through a robust backend platform and data network exchange. These connections allow us to build amazing tools to empower people to manage costs, find doctor services, and directly access personal health information & records all from a single place.


University of Kansas

Business Information Systems

2007 - 2007


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