Allen Lincoln

Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Allen's Skills
Business Development

About Allen

I want to partner with those who desire to make meaning. I am neither solely interested in short or long term profits, but wish to balance both with a business plan that seeks to make a positive impact in our world while rewarding us both financially and emotionally. I wish to create an entity that is motivated by both profit and positive change, and walk a path that has rewards outside of our expected financial return. Think Patagonia, Toms Shoes, etc.

Professionally, I am a pilot with over 6,500 hours of flight time. I have 15 years of experience flying all over the world from scientific research flights in Africa, special mission flights in Afghanistan, Flight For Life Medevac flying throughout Colorado, and airline flying throughout the US and Central and South America.

Personally, I have experience and a passion for skiing, mountain biking, mountaineering, photography, skydiving, and base jumping, and travel.

I am looking for a technical co founder who will partner with me to leverage my capital and life experience to exploit a vision for creating an amazing company through which to profit from and also effect change.