Allie Hilmer

Melbourne, Australia

Allie's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Allie

I'm a former corporate pro with a career in education, migration & recruitment, passionate about sharing economy, coffee addict and a happy workaholic.
At 50 I took the plunge and founded a startup, ZippyCrowd.
ZippyCrowd is a peer-to-peer skills & jobs social marketplace & business referral community. Best way to trade skills, build brands, earn more on the go, and to hire people backed by friends and social reputation.
I'm on a mission to help everyone make the most out of their skills outside 9-to-5, grow their businesses and find the right people to get jobs done.
ZippyCrowd MVP has been been developed, is fully functional and is in an open beta.
I'm looking for a team of business/equity partners who are experts in startups, with experience in: software development, digital marketing and social media, business development, launch strategy and similar.
I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, however am happy to consider partners anywhere in the world provided they love ZippyCrowd concept and have the right skills, experience, attitude and sense of humor.