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My associates and I have decades of experience and have been successful in international trade and development, real estate development, innovation, coaching, finance, investment, program and business development....and we are looking for social entrepreneurs who have expertise in developing mobile consumer apps, web development, IT, legal, editing and technical areas. We do not have mobile app experience. We are looking for potential cofounders who share long term values (such as making a bigger contribution to the community by collaborating in a win-win-win approach, continual learning and self-improvement), personal qualities (such as humility, forgiveness, appreciation), vision (such as a beautiful community of allies and friends locally and globally), intuition, caring and complementary (such as IT, web and technical) skills. We have a lot to offer the right social entrepreneurs (such as right locations, corporate infrastructure, connections, expertise, networks, executive coaching etc.) We have been in ward 2 for decades in Washington DC. also on

As volunteers, we organize and other meetup groups since 2003. You are invited to join us, networking events are open to the public (self-pay for food/drink orders) Please mention cofounderslab when you introduce yourself to the co-organizers. This is our preferred way to meet new potential cofounders since we are looking for cofounders in the Washington DC area and this saves time for initial meetings. We believe in relationship building by actually working together on a community project such as organizing the Meetup for Conversations community event and making them available to the public once a month. All proceeds go to the nonprofit org. Following the 3rd Sunday networking events, those who wish to explore further will meet at our conference room at 2423 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, first floor, DC 20037, less than 2 blocks from Foggy Bottom GWU Metro. Those interested in volunteering, we will treat to dinner at One Fish Asian Restaurant (below the conference room at same location). This is one of the best ways to make initial contact with the active community leaders since they have reserved this time in their busy schedules for this purpose. Mutual trust and goodwill are developed over a period of time with repeated successful interactions. Most of our investors and advisors have been with us over 30 years. Some of their names are acknowledged in the nonprofit community website, and Thank you for your interest. Look forward to meet you at the perfect time and place including at co-founderslab networking events in Wash. DC. Please mention co-founderslab when you introduce yourself. Thanks!


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