Aman Yadav

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Aman's Skills
Product Management

About Aman

I am working on a idea of creating a hyper local solution which connects buyers and sellers in a locality. I have validated the idea to a certain extent and have formulated a business plan to go along with it. I am currently working on creating a MVP for this idea.

I am looking for a rock-star techie who has a diverse skill set and can handle the entire development of a application (preferably both back-end and front-end), to join me as the co-founder and create this product together.

I have experience of running my own startup in the past and have worked in the capacity of a Product Manager and Android developer for multinational firms. I am currently pursuing Masters at the Starthclyde Business School. I am willing to put in any amount of time and effort in this venture and hope the same from my co-founder.