amara toure

New York, New York, US

amara's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About amara

I am a very creative and ambitious person. I want people who are equally ambitious and focus to assist me in developing this start-up. I am the holder and operator of the Yssete website. As the founder, I know my limitations and hiring the right people for the job would be central to the growth and success over the years, getting the best partnerships I can get, whether investors, a management team, or marketing team is crucial to this business. Having the right partners’ means I can achieve my full potential, insight, and vision. I want developers, advisers, programmers, engineers, marketeers who believe in my mission and who can complement the hard work. We are an early-stage financial technology start-up in NYC. Using a patent pending approach we are changing the way people socialize and meet new people. We have very positive initial customer feedback. Yssete is dedicated to revolutionize the world of social media. For job seekers our team needs to find great employees fast and easy. Our team is smart, ambitious, and passionate; the environment is relaxed and a lot of fun despite regular, tight deadlines. We are focused on quick, quality completion of projects and excited by what we do. We are looking for programmers who are smart, collaborative, creative, and get things done to a high quality and on tight deadlines. We are growing, and committed to building an all-star, all-NYC company. We are a company that values doers over talkers and mentors over managers. We are a company where people who take risks and win are rewarded and grow.