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Amarillo, Texas, US

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Health, Fitness, and Wellness


About Fletcher

Hello, my name is Fletcher Henderson. I am an 18-year-old entrepreneur who has a business idea that can improve the health and wellness systems nationwide within the upcoming years. My plan is simple: develop a local organic grocery store at cheap and competitive prices that offers access to a naturopath and a nutritionist. I foresee my business grossing $1,000,000 with a ROI of 100,000 dollars. I am currently uneducated and inexperienced when it comes to business; that’s why I am looking for a business partner/mentor who can get my business up and running. I am willing to sell 10% of my business for 100,000 dollars; which values my business at 1,000,000 dollars. Please contact me be email at fletcher.henderson1@gmail.com.

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